Monday, September 10, 2007

Messaging for Servers

Among some of the New and Noteworthy for ECF 1.1 are some new providers

ActiveMQ/Websphere CE (JMS)
BEA Weblogic (JMS)

The first two depend upon/use commercial implementations of the Java Messaging Service (JMS) associated with Websphere Community Edition and BEA Weblogic, respectively. ActiveMQ is also an Apache open source project ( The third is an open source reliable multicast implementation used in JBoss called JavaGroups.

Included with each of these providers is an Eclipse IApplication that allows them to be run as a stand-alone OSGi/ECF-based server.

This also expands the set of providers that support the ECF remote services API: an API for invoking OSGi services remotely...via synchronous method call and/or asynchronous invocation. Each of these providers implements the ECF remote services API, showing that a single API for remoting really can (and does) run on multiple wire transports and multiple network elusive goal for much of the web services world.