Sunday, May 29, 2011

ECF 3.5.1/Indigo - Supporting Standards

With ECF 3.5, we released an implementation of the OSGi 4.2 enterprise standard known as Remote Services Admin (RSA).

Using ECF's modular provider architecture, it's now possible to get the benefits of being completely standards compliant, while...if you wish...still using your favorite remote services distribution API (e.g. REST-based, SOAP-based, JMS, proprietary, open...your choice). Service-Oriented Architecture and Modularity working together via open implementations of open standards...hmmm :).

Standardized APIs make creating and managing remote services much easier...without sacrificing necessary flexibility. Standardization also allows easy integration with other frameworks, such as Declarative Services, Spring, and/or others.

In March we got access to the OSGi Test Compatibility Kit for Remote Services, and since then have fixed bugs in the implementation to guarantee full spec compliance, as well as addressed bugs reported by the community.

We've also significantly increased our documentation and examples...for remote services as well as other parts of ECF...and created a ECF documentation project to more easily incorporate community the docs areas identified as most important by our community.

ECF 3.5.1 is available now here, and is part of Indigo simultaneous release.

See also a recent EclipseZone article about ECF for other exciting things that are part of this release.