Wednesday, June 20, 2018

ECF Photon supports OSGi R7 Async Services - part 2

In a previous post, I described a usage of OSGi R7's Async Remote Services. This specification makes it easy to define, implement and use non-blocking remote services. ECF's implementation allows the use of pluggable transports...known as distribution providers.

Here's a partial list of distribution providers:

ECF generic
Jax-RS Jersey
Python.Java (Supports async remote services between Java and Python with protocol buffers serialization)

 It's also straightforward to creation your own distribution provider, using private or legacy transport and/or serialization. This can be done by extending one of the distribution providers above or creating a new one.

Most of these distribution providers have updated examples and/or tutorials, and many of them now have templates included in the Bndtools (4.0+) Support added for Photon.

Separating the remote service contract from the underlying distribution provider via OSGi remote services allows implementers and consumers to create, debug, and test remote services without being bound to a single transport, while still allowing consistent (specified) runtime behavior.

For more info and links, please see the New and Noteworthy.