Thursday, January 14, 2016

ECF 3.12.1 and Remote Management

ECF 3.12.1 is released.

Although this is a maintenance release, there are also some additions to announce at ECF's github site.

Specifically, there are now a set of remote services allowing  remote monitoring and management of an OSGi container.   Services for managing an OSGi framework...e.g. FrameworkManager, ServiceManager, SCR Manager, Wiring Manager, RSA Manager, etc.  There are also services for remotely managing P2 (Feature Install Manager, Repository Manager, Profile Manager, etc) and ECF.

Additionally, there is now Eclipse-based tooling/UI for exporting remote management services, and consuming/viewing in Eclipse.   See the New and Noteworthy for screenshots, links to builds and further explanation of the new remote management services.