Thursday, February 07, 2008

Discovery and Access for Remote OSGi Services

See here for some work combining the ECF discovery API with the ECF remote services API.

Interesting things about this:
  1. ECF APIs have multiple providers...i.e. zeroconf/bonjour and SLP for discovery, r-OSGi, ECF generic, xmpp, javagroups, and multiple flavors of JMS for remote services. This allows middleware and UI written to these ECF APIs to run unmodified on any/all of these providers.
  2. The ECF remote services API can be used in either 'transparent' or 'non-transparent' manner...allowing programmers to decide whether network transparency for remote procedure call (RPC) is appropriate for their application...or not.
In time for EclipseCon, I intend to expose some of the Equinox p2 APIs as remote services, so that OSGi containers can be remotely provisioned and managed. If you would like to participate in this, please contact us and offer to contribute.

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