Monday, July 28, 2008

ECF 2.0.0 New Features video

It can't match Ed's pictures, but below is a pleasant scene, where most of the beauty is hidden beneath what is visible

But to the point: ECF has a new video showing some of the new things in ECF 2.0:
  • Screen shot sharing
  • URL sharing
  • Real-Time shared editing
  • Discovery API, Service Discovery, Remote OSGI Services
  • Async File Download


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...


I hope you're enjoying your break Scott :)

andrewbruce01 said...

Hi there, I have ecf installed on 3.4 . I can get my contacts through xmpp but when I go to do a shared editor, there is no menu item "share editor with" when I right click the editor. I can also connect to the ecftcp server no problem.

Scott Lewis said...

Hi Andrew,

What editor are you using? Currently the shared editing works with the java editor and the text editor, although others can be modified to use it:

We haven't seen such issues before/with others but if you continue to have a problem please open a bug at