Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ECF and Coffee in the Classroom

There was a very cool announcement on the ECF newsgroup recently about a collaboration framework that uses ECF called Coffee. See here for the announcement. The Coffee end user site is here, and the development site is here. It's exciting for me to see ECF being used by projects both inside and outside the Eclipse Foundation...and as as you can see from the announcement they are keen to both collaborate and contribute back to the open source community.

Enjoy the beverage!


ilaria said...

Hi everybody,

The CoFFEE TEAM is proud to announce that a new release (version 4.1) of CoFFEE software is downloadable from here

In the new version we have integrated 2 new tools:

- Internet Explorer Tool: allows each student to navigate the World Wide Web through a standard browser. It offers the standard functionalities of a (private) browser, but also the opportunity for the teacher to provide a "follow-me" mechanism.

- Document Browser Tool: the Document Browser tool is an HTTP server that allows the teacher to share documents with the classroom; students can open the documents and browse the links that are eventually present in them.

We have also added some new functionalities, among which the Activity indicators that allow the teacher to monitor the activity level of the students in real time.

Furthermore, CoFFEE has been (partially) nationalized in Hebrew language, and (partial) support for right-to-left widgets has been added.

Links about CoFFEE:
- to download the software and support the users:

- about the european project LEAD:

- to download the software and follow the development

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