Saturday, October 10, 2009

ECF 3.1

ECF 3.1 is being released on Monday next (10/12/2009), and there are some exciting additions:

  1. REST API - An extension of the ECF remote services API to allow interoperation between OSGi remote services and REST-based services
  2. Distributed EventAdmin - a Distributed implementation of the OSGi EventAdmin service, that uses JMS/ActiveMQ for transport (and/or other providers)
  3. Lots of small improvements on ECF remote services, as well as examples and additional documentation
  4. File-based Discovery - a contribution from Siemens for doing remote service discovery using a static endpoint-URI exposed via an xml format
Here are the release review slides.


Lars said...

From the release slides I see that there is a community ECF book in creation. Can you please post a link to this effort?

Scott Lewis said...

Hi Lars.

There is the beginnings of a book outline in the following module


on the ECF Oregon State University Open Source Lab CVS server (see CVS repo info here):

As you will see by examining the project, the book outline is only in the beginning stages. I would, however, very much like to increase my own work on the book. My work over past months with EclipseSource was effectively preventing progress on the now that I'm no longer working with EclipseSource I expect to make more rapid progress on the outline and book.

Further, I would very much like to make the book a community effort, and look to you (in particular) for well as other ECF community members, of course.

If we/the community can get the book completed and distributed...and the publication results in proceeds...I will funnel all such proceeds back into the project itself (i.e. back into the community).

Lars my apologies for my inability to attend the upcoming EclipseRT symposium or Eclipse Summit I was hoping to meet you face to face. But with my leaving EclipseSource, I simply do not have the personal means to pay for travel right now, and so cannot make these events. I would like to make more direct contact with you, however, when possible. Please contact me directly at slewis at if you would like to make such contact.

Lars said...

Thanks for the link to the cvs server and your feedback. It would have been very nice to meet you at ESE.

Once I learned about the ECF framework, I'm happy to contribute back.

I'll send you an email so what we get directly into contact.

Wim Jongman said...

The book is now here:

Wim Jongman said...

Hi, the book is now here: