Thursday, February 04, 2010

Goodness through OSGi Standards

ECF recently announced full support for OSGi 4.2's remote services standard with our upcoming 3.2 release.

Today, I learned that a community member has successfully used Spring dm, along with ECF's remote services implementation to do declaratively-specified remote services. They have agreed to contribute the example to ECF, and so expect to see it as part of ECF soon.

People have also used ECF remote services with OSGi declarative services.

And, of course, one can use remote services programmatically as well.

Among other things, this allows a wide variety of existing tooling to be used to construct, use, and debug remote services...all made possible by having an open standard for distributing an OSGi service.


AlBlue said...


Now that 3.6M5 is out, is there a place we can download the latest ECF stuff in milestone form? The downloads/ page for the project just lists the 3.5.1 builds. I want to write an article and explain where people can download the in-progress bits from without having to get them to download an SDK via P2.

Scott Lewis said...

Hi Al. Yes, Helios M5 for ECF sdk is available here (p2 repo):

and here (zip):

Also, FWIW, we have daily/nightly builds available here:

And for future reference, the Hudson dashboard is here:

Thanks for writing about our work. It helps, as we see little/no promotion or even exposure from EF personnel.

AlBlue said...

I downloaded the ECF bundle from the .zip you pointed at, but it doesn't seem to have an org.eclipse.ecf_3.x bundle in it. The org.eclipse.ecf.provider.r_osgi_3.0.0 bundle seems to have a Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.ecf in the headers. Has a name been changed, or is the build missing the key bundle?

Anonymous said...

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