Thursday, June 26, 2014

ECF 3.8.1 Released

ECF's 3.8.1/Luna has been released.   Some of the highlights

A more complete list is provided by the New and Noteworthy

Congratulations to the ECF community


Ralph Mueller said...

I think founding should be provided by the consumers of the open source software. At Eclipse, we have created the LTS Working Group to provide infrastructure for long term support and we support a growing community of service providers and their customers.


Scott Lewis said...


I agree with you that conscientious consumers should provide support for OS software. WRT ECF and LTS, please see my recent suggestion here:

Any support for this request of LTS that you and|or Foundation can provide would be appreciated. FWIW, ECF Remote Services (along with other parts of ECF) is already being used in commercial products, and we are/have been providing free support for many years now. If you want specifics/history, please see