Wednesday, August 22, 2018

OSGi Remote Services Between Python and Java

In a previous post, I described the support for OSGi Remote Services and Remote Service Admin in iPOPO 0.8.0 release.   The previous post refers to a tutorial showing a Python service impl and Python consumer.

Python<->Java Distribution Provider

Included with iPOPO 0.8.0 is a distribution provider that allows remote services between Java and Python frameworks.   For example, this is a tutorial, that uses Karaf on the Java side as the remote service implementation, and has a Python consumer that calls the Java-implemented remote service.

Python Service Implementation with Java Consumers

This distribution provider also supports Python-implemented remote services, with Java/OSGi consumers.   With iPOPO for dynamic service injection in Python, and Declarative Services for Java/OSGi, this allows very easy Python<->Java service-level interaction, with support for all dynamics, RSA management agent, extensible/customizable topology management, management of complicated service dependencies, pluggable local and network discovery, and other RS/RSA features handled consistently in both Java and Python.  As well, the use of OSGi-specified EndpointDescription service metadata allows service-level interoperability across languages.

Python<->Java with Protocol Buffers Serialization

Also included with this distribution provider is serialization using Google's protocol buffers.  This allows open, extensible, and efficient rpc between Python and Java.

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