Friday, March 18, 2011

ECF enables Thermonuclear War at EclipseCon 2011

How's that for a title? :). ECF committers Mustafa Isik and Sebastian Schmidt are giving this talk at EclipseCon on Monday:


Mustafa previously did much of the initiating work on real-time shared editing in ECF as part of his Google Summer of Code project. For Google Summer of Code 2010, Sebastian implemented a Google Wave provider for ECF.

Now they are at it again :). Mustafa and Sebastian are using/integrating several great technologies to do innovative and fun things with the Wave protocol for concurrency control in multiplayer games, OSGi servers, remote services, Android clients, ECF's multi-provider APIs, and other exciting technologies.

I know from working with Sebastian and Mustafa, as well as working on some of these technologies myself, that it will be a great talk. Please enjoy.

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