Tuesday, March 08, 2011

To be fair and balanced, give up centralized control

This posting is in response to Ed Merks' recent meandering To Be Fair and Balanced, That is the Question.

My suggestion is that to be fair and balanced, one has to give up control...and in this case turn the decision of project-level resource allocation away from any centralized body (like the EF Board of Directors...or the committer reps, or the EMO, or the strategic members, etc). In short, give that decision making power to the people that matter...the communities that the projects serve. That is the purpose of this new FOE disbursement bug.

The point is this: it's seems unlikely to me that any fair and balanced decision can/could be made by me, the committer reps, the EMO or the Board about project resource allocation across many very different projects...because there is probably permanent disagreement about what is fair.

And to Ed: let's get past the snarkiness and personal discrediting/attacking, shall we?

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Boris Bokowski said...

"let's get past the snarkiness and personal discrediting/attacking"

Sounds great. Thank you Scott!